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The office is ran by Mr. Israel Peleg (C.P.A Isr)

A member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants
in Israel and an active member of the institute's committees
with assistance of Mr. Zvi peleg – a retired senior
from audit department in the customs branch

Mr. Peleg is a senior lecturer in different colleges in matters of
Accountancy and accounts auditing Computerized financial systems,
inspection and control Financial reports analysis and
Professional computer applications.

During the years he had gained a lot of experience
and specialized in unique matters:

  • Counseling in indirect taxation and import taxes refunds for exporters called Hishavon.
  • Auditing and financial investigations both in Israel and abroad (Romania and Hungary).
  • Developing business connections and accompanying of Israeli companies in Romania and Hungary.
  • Making and implementing financial plans, including convalescence plans and professional companying.
  • Establishing of computerized financial systems, and inspecting these systems, in Israel and abroad

HISHAVON – Import Taxes Drawbacks

The Israeli custom laws allow exporters to refund import taxes paid on components of the exported products Our office specializes in counseling, guiding and filing annual and partial drawback suits for Israeli manufacturers exporting abroad We provide cursive accompaniment during the year and a professional examination of the monthly drawback rate, thus preventing penalties for over drawback and saving the financing expenses due to deficient drawbacks

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